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Boren Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital

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Animal Reproduction

The Animal Reproduction (Theriogenology) Service is  dedicated to providing our clients the  highest quality reproductive care and breeding management services. Our team of board-certified Theriogenologists and their support staff will work with you and your animal to help maximize reproductive health and performance.


Theriogenology is the veterinary specialty of reproductive medicine. This includes the management of females and males prior to breeding through the delivery of offspring as well as treatment of diseases affecting the reproductive organs of intact and spayed/neutered animals.


Reproductive Services

Our experienced and specialized team is committed to providing the best quality reproductive medicine. We stay current on developments in the field and work to optimize reproductive performance and provide the best possible outcome. Our team of board-certified Theriogenologists work with the food animal team to offer services for food animals in addition to companion animals and equine. 


General Services

  • Breeding Soundness Evaluation
  • CVM Ranch
  • Pregnancy Diagnosis
  • Semen Collection and Evaluation
  • Semen Freezing and Transport


Specialty Services by Species

  • Bovine
    • Pregnancy Checks
    • Calving Assistance
    • Cow/heifer infertility work up
    • Bull services
      • Breeding soundness exam
      • Infertility - work up
      • Tritrichomoniasis testing
      • Surgeries – penile hematoma, prepuce reefing, prepuce amputation, teaser bull surgery
      • Castration
  • Camelid
    • Pregnancy Checks
    • Castration
    • Dystocia/assistance to deliver a cria
  • Companion Animals (Cats and Dogs)
    • Cesarean Section
    • Whelping management
  • Equine
    • Evaluation - Mare and Stallion
    • Breeding
    • Fetal Sexing
    • Management of Foaling Mares
    • Embryo Transfer
    • Oocyte Collection and Shipment
    • Training of Novice Stallions for Semen Collection
    • Epididymal Sperm Collection
  • Porcine
    • Farrowing assistance
    • Ovariohysterectomy (pig spay)
    • Cryptorchid surgery
    • Castration
  • Small Ruminant
    • Pregnancy Check
    • Kidding/lambing assistance
    • Castration
    • Breeding Soundness Evaluation in rams and bucks
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